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Homeklean - a local Norwich based business, prides itself on offering a personal service tailored to your requirements.  Drawing on industry experience since 1996 and using leading specialist products and machinery this ensures we offer the most professional clean possible.  Spot, stain and odour treatments are used, where necessary and offered as a stand alone service.

Unlike when you hire a machine yourself and use the solutions they offer, which can leave a soapy residue behind and the furnishings wet.  We use environmentally friendly solutions, safe for the family and pets, which do not leave residues.  We also follow up by using specialist dryers which aim to leave furnishings as dry as possible.

During our visit we will, where necessary, move large furniture such as chairs, sofas and tables to one side (using our commercial furniture sliders) and replace them to their original positions onto protectors.  Both carpets and furniture receive the benefit of our specialist dryers and carpets can be walked on once cleaned, but are best left undisturbed until completely dry.  Furniture drying times will depend on the level of soiling and thickness of the fabric.

Once cleaned we can offer to apply protector to your furnishings which creates an invisible layer that does not change the look or feel of it, but can help protect it from stains and add up to 50% to the life of the fibres by reducing abrasive wear.

We also suggest that prior to cleaning that you move your smaller, fragile or valuable items, such as lamps and ornaments to safeguard them whilst we are carrying out the works.  An after-care guide sheet is left with you on completion.


"Thanks very much for all your hard work.  We would have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and colleagues."   Doreen Ewen - Norwich
"Thank you for all your hard work you did on our carpets last week.
We always find you so professional and thorough, a pleasure to have around the house."  Rev'd Nicholas Vesey - Norwich

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