Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are vacuumed to remove dry soiling and furniture moved around (using our commercial furniture sliders). where necessary.

Hot cleaning solution is applied to separate and remove the trapped soiling together with the treatment of any spots, stains or odours.

Turbo Fans are used to assist drying and furniture is placed on protectors as necessary.

Natural floorings such as Sisal, Coir or Seagrass matting and others are cleaned using a dry powder compound, which is worked into the trapped soiling and vacuumed out.

  • Removal of Spots and Stains, where possible

  • Treat Odours and Freshen, as required

  • Move Furniture around as necessary

  • Use of Turbo Fans for faster drying​

                                                                    Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric Upholstery is either wet cleaned or dry cleaned, dependant on the material.

All surfaces are vacuumed to remove dry soiling.

A warm cleaning solution is applied which loosens and rinses the fabric clean, heavy soiled ares are pre-treated first.

Turbo Fans assist with drying your upholstery as it is being cleaned.

  • Fabric testing for colour fastness or shrinkage

  • Treatment of Spots, Stains and Odours

  • Use of Turbo Fans to assist drying

  • Offer Protective Treatment to help avoid future stains

Leather Upholstery is cleaned by hand in a similar way and nourished to maximise the life of your furnishings.

                                                                   Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are vacuumed to remove dry soiling and furniture moved (using our commercial furniture sliders) where necessary.

Low moisture cleaning solution is applied at high pressure and agitated into the carpet pile to loosen the trapped soiling.

The pre-heated thermal pads finally collect the loosened soiling and leaves the areas cleaner, fresher and brighter.

The cleaning solution also contains an in-built sanitiser and has anti-static properties, ideal for offices.

  • Treatment of Spots, Stains and Odours

  • Low Moisture System and Quiet Operation

  • Leaves No Sticky Residues helping reduce resoiling

  • Faster Drying Times

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