What is the Cancellation Policy of a House Cleaning Service?

Most residential cleaning services require 24-hour notice for cancellations, but do not charge any fee, as long as they are notified during normal business hours within the agreed time frame. Your client's mother is in the hospital for surgery, someone in the family got sick with the flu, or maybe your client is going through a divorce and doesn't want anyone to be in the house. And if they don't have a credit card on file, payment will be made before the next cleaning. Your goal should be to provide a mutually beneficial policy for your cleaning company and your customers.The reason: “I have to pay the money anyway, so they better clean my house.

If your business is flexible and you have to cancel the customer from time to time, don't charge any fees. If the Customer does not give forty-eight (4) hours' notice on more than one occasion, they must pay 50% for the canceled cleaning (first offense) and 100% of the fee for the cleanings canceled later. This allows cleaning companies to recover part of the cost they lose if they can't find another home to fill their position in that short period of time.Payment for the cleaning will be made in full at the end of the cleaning (all payments will be paid at the end of the job), unless you are an established customer and other arrangements have been made. If they have to pay for the cleaning, whether you're there or not, they're less likely to cancel.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning service, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

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