Do I Need to Be Home When the House Cleaning Service Arrives?

Do you need to be present when the house cleaning service arrives? The answer is no, you don't have to be home when the cleaning team comes to your house. In fact, some cleaning companies may prefer that you not be there while they clean so that they can work more efficiently and without distractions. If you don't feel comfortable leaving people in your house while you're away, that's perfectly understandable. You always have the option to stay in the house while the cleaners do their job. Everyone will be impressed with how clean your home is and you'll get all the credit.

Alternatively, if you live in a safe neighborhood, you could consider hiding a spare key under a sprinkler or inside a bird feeder or doghouse. However, many questions may arise as your first cleaning appointment approaches, and figuring out the right arrangement with your cleaners can seem like a puzzle if you've never been through this situation before. It's important to make sure that the cleaning company is licensed and bonded so that customers are protected against any loss of money, property, or valuables. Rather than worrying about cleaning before the move, The Maids can take care of this task all at once, giving you peace of mind during the transition. If you've been using the same cleaner for a long time, you're probably confident that he or she will work while you're away.

This is especially important the first time new cleaners come into your home so that you know all the people who will be in your house, at least on a superficial level. When looking for a cleaning service for your occasional cleaning needs in Ashburn, VA, The Maids can do the job. But if you're not comfortable having people in your house while you're not there, it's also acceptable to stay while they're cleaning. After all, cleaning the surroundings of children, pets, and other people's daily activities is much more complicated and takes much longer than cleaning an empty house. However, if you're working from home and need the area where you work to be cleaned at a specific time, be sure to let the cleaner know in advance. It's just as likely that you're interrupting the most efficient cleaning route, which could slow down cleaning tasks and cause cleaning your house to take much longer than necessary.

Any quality cleaning service you hire will let you decide whether to stay or leave while the cleaners are in your house. You'll feel more comfortable having the cleaners in your house, which will allow you to leave the house to be more productive and your cleaners will be more efficient. The safest thing to do is to hire a reputable cleaning company, as they are likely to be insured, experienced and have policies and procedures in place so that everything from booking to closing is a simple and painless process.

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