Should a Cleaning Lady Bring Her Own Supplies?

When it comes to professional residential cleaning services, it's important to consider whether the company should bring their own supplies and equipment. Some cleaning services have their own commercial-grade tools and supplies, while others expect their customers to provide the necessary equipment. However, most professional cleaning companies will provide their own cleaning products and equipment when they clean your home. This is because they are trained in the safe use of their own supplies and equipment, and they know that they will have everything they need to clean your home properly. Some customers may not have ideal cleaning products, which can cause their cleaning team to spend more time than necessary cleaning their home as if it were shiny.

When professional cleaning companies bring their own equipment, they ensure that the products are safe for their employees to use and comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Therefore, it is best for the cleaning service to provide the chemicals and cleaning equipment. Providing your own cleaning equipment is the right thing to do if you consider yourself a professional cleaning company. When a carpet cleaning company comes to clean the carpet in your house, do they ask you to provide the carpet cleaning machine? No, of course not. They come fully prepared with their own equipment. A residential cleaning company should be no different.

You run a business and you should operate your business in the same professional manner. You provide safety training to all of your cleaning staff on the chemicals they may come into contact with. If your main concern is the cleaning chemicals that the cleaning company uses, ask about the products they use and why they chose those particular chemicals. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the equipment you bring into your home, ask the company how they clean, maintain and prepare the equipment for use in your home and see if the answer satisfies you. If you're not sure if your cleaners will use eco-friendly or eco-friendly products, you might prefer that they use the cleaning products that you provide.

Its goal is to continue expanding the resources available to its members, to provide a personalized roadmap for sustainable growth and to have a positive impact on the cleaning industry. If you're picky about what your professional cleaners will use to clean your home, you can discuss it with them. Let them know that the reasons you prefer to use your own cleaning products, supplies and equipment is because you are a professional cleaning company and that's what they're paying for, professional cleaning. Perhaps it is a “green and clean” product, a product that is safe for children and suitable for pets, or that there are people with sensitivities or health problems related to certain types of cleaning chemicals. Vacuum cleaner bags are changed daily, unless there's a compelling reason to change them after cleaning the house. If it's not enough, your professional cleaner comes to your house and you run out of supplies.

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