Are Cleaners Used by House Cleaning Services Safe and Non-Toxic?

Natural cleaning products are a safer option for people, as chemical cleaners can be hazardous to those who use them, as well as to guests in the home or office. To ensure that everyone in your household is safe from colds, flu, allergies and other ailments caused by exposure to harmful chemicals, it is important to hire a cleaning team that uses the best commercial cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We consulted Dr. Chyrle Bonk, DVM, Senior Tail Waggers vet, for more information on how to identify pet-friendly cleaning products, what hazardous ingredients should be avoided, and general safety guidelines when it comes to cleaning with pets in the home.

According to Dr. Bonk, if your pet inhales any of these ingredients, it can cause problems with the nose, mouth or eyes. In serious cases, these cleaners can cause real damage that can lead to secondary infections. If you suspect poisoning, do not hesitate to call your vet immediately.

Fortunately, there are plenty of pet-friendly cleaners out there that actually work. The first thing you should check is that the label states that the product is safe for pets. Vinegar and baking soda are two natural cleaning products that are safe to use around pets. Not only does baking soda have natural powers to absorb odors, but it's also an excellent stain remover and general cleaner.

Combine it with water to make a paste or with vinegar for a foamier cleansing power. For a good enzymatic cleaner, Dr. Bonk recommends the Rocco and Roxie stain and odor remover and Angry Orange, which can be used on carpets, hardwood floors, sandboxes, kennels, carriers and furniture. Cleaning experts and pet owners also often mention the success of Nature's Miracle and Skout's Honor.

When using safe pet products, pet owners should still take appropriate precautions. Even natural remedies such as vinegar and baking soda require care, as they can cause stomach upset and oral irritation if your pet ingests them. The right cleaning products will prevent unwanted chemicals and toxins from accumulating on the surfaces and air in your home. Using cleaning products without all the toxins and unnecessary chemicals is healthier for your home and for you.

To make it easier for buyers to identify greener cleaning products, the EPA administers the Safer Choice program, which certifies products that contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment. What sets Clean Heart Maids apart from other professional cleaning companies are their cleaning techniques and non-toxic cleaning products. Another benefit of Clean Heart Maids' mission to use eco-friendly products is to keep pets and babies out of harm's way. When you let Clean Heart Maids clean your home, have peace of mind knowing that the products used are safe for the whole family.

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