Should You Clean Before a Cleaner Comes? A Guide to Hiring a Cleaner

The kitchen is usually one of the most labor-intensive areas to clean in any house, so it's important to leave it “ready to clean” before the cleaner arrives. This means washing any dirty dishes and storing them away, as a pile of dishes can make it difficult for the cleaner to clean the sink. In general, hiring a cleaner directly is a great option if you have time to manage them and your cleaning needs are simple. However, when hiring a cleaner directly, make sure you first take the time to properly examine them.

Unlike cleaners who work for cleaning services, the cleaners you hire directly won't have gone through a background check or their references. When it comes to hiring a cleaning company in New York, it's likely to be more expensive than hiring an individual cleaner. This is because they have access to a backup cleaner if you need to cancel due to illness or vacation. Additionally, they have gone through a background check and their references have been examined.

If you have pets, make sure they are safe and protected while cleaning is being carried out. Also, if you want the cleaner to clean under furniture, be willing to help them move it so that they can do their job quickly and effectively. The price you pay for commercial cleaning services in New York depends on the type of cleaning service you use. When paying for a standard cleaning service, keep in mind that this doesn't include cleaning things like the inside of the refrigerator, washing the dishes, washing the windows, washing the clothes, etc.

Commercial cleaning rates are approximately higher than the hourly wage a cleaner receives; the rate is based on the costs that result from each hour of work. To get the most out of a cleaning company, it's worth ordering beforehand and making sure your home is “ready to clean” before they arrive. This will ensure that they can focus their attention on cleaning baseboards, sweeping floors, etc., rather than picking up items and organizing each room.

Kathryn Scott
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