What Type of Training Do Cleaners Receive from a Professional House Cleaning Service?

Professional household cleaning (PHC) certification provides high-level education and training to equip your team with the technical knowledge needed to work as professional house cleaners. The PHC is a seven-module online training solution with a “knowledge check” to assess skills. Once all the sections are completed, users perform a certification test. To ensure that your cleaners are able to deliver the same quality of service to each home, it is important to have a typewritten document that details the system and defines the quality you expect.

Zuper, a comprehensive field service management software, streamlines all cleaning business processes so that cleaning staff can do their jobs in an exceptional way. Additionally, your standard operating procedures (SOP) should include any special disinfection, disinfection, or ecological cleaning procedures that your cleaners should be aware of. To create your cleaning training manual, think of all the tasks your cleaners perform in a week and then write down the instructions for each of them. Based on your SOP, you can use forms and checklists to help cleaners follow instructions, manage their time, and remember everything they need to do. When you train cleaners on the job, expect to spend two weeks (or 10 business days) teaching them how it works.

Take a questionnaire at the end of each day to ensure that your new cleaner is absorbing the information provided. These training checklists provide important guidance to your cleaning employees and help them feel empowered to do their jobs well. There should be a standard set on how to clean in order for your home cleaning business to grow properly. Get free access to masterclasses and workshops that will help you grow, scale and automate your cleaning business so you can get more leads and generate more profits. However, this doesn't mean that they will perform cleaning tasks exactly the way you want them to do in your home cleaning company. A good cleaning training program ensures a more professional cleaning staff, faster cleaning times, fewer accidents, cleaner buildings, better employee retention and an exceptional customer experience.

For example, work completion forms are a type of form that helps cleaners get customers to approve visits, provide proof of work, and maintain detailed and accurate records of information about the job. The training sets a standard for how you want tasks to be completed, whether your cleaners are experienced or not. You can find other cleaning resources and course materials to create your own training manual for cleaning staff. A software solution for cleaning services can help you provide a great customer experience through automation.

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