Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets will be deep cleaned using environmentally friendly solutions, safe for your family and pets to enjoy.

We move furniture around, where necessary (using our commercial furniture sliders), treat spots, stains and use turbo dryers to help dry your carpets as best as possible.  

We also offer a stand alone Spot and stain removal service.

Tip: Red Wine Stains contain tannin and can be permanently set by the application of salt.

Ideally blot out using kitchen paper, apply plenty of talcum powder to absorb, cover with fresh kitchen paper and seal area with cling film, leave for 12 hours and then vacuum out.  Bubbly water (salt free) can sometimes push out the stain.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your sofa and chairs will look brighter, fresher and cleaner once the build up of soiling has been successfully removed.

Spot, stain and odour treatments are used where necessary together with turbo dryers to assist with the drying.

Tip: When spot cleaning fabrics treat the whole panel as this will avoid ring marks.

Regular vacuuming of your furnishings coupled with the rotation of cushions will help reduce wear and tear and prolong the overall appearance.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Periodic cleaning will provide a fresh and healthy workplace.

Help lengthen the life of the carpets, saving money and avoiding the upheaval of costly replacements too.

Our quiet cleaning process can be carried out during the daytime or out of hours with the minimum of fuss.

First impressions count and your customers may judge you on your attention to detail, including your work surroundings.

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