What is the Hourly Rate for a Cleaning Lady in NYC?

Unlike cleaners who work for cleaning services, the cleaners you hire directly won't have gone through a background check or their references, but that's up to you. For reliable and reputable commercial cleaning services in New York, ideal for busy business owners and facility managers, hiring a cleaning company is the way to go. However, while hiring a cleaner directly may require more initial work and overall flexibility, it's likely to be cheaper than hiring a cleaning company in New York. Simply divide the cost by the maximum number of hours and that will be the lowest possible hourly rate with that cleaning service.

You will be linked to a specific Keeper or to a team of regular cleaners who will understand your specific preferences and earn your trust. The main problem that can arise when hiring cleaners in New York at a flat rate is that they can rush to finish, in order to earn more money in a shorter time. However, you can still calculate the hourly rate of these flat rate services to compare them with other quotes. Commercial cleaning rates are approximately higher than the hourly wage a cleaner receives; the rate is based on the costs that result from each hour of work. For example, Slate NYC conducts identification and background checks on all of its cleaning employees (known as Keepers).

The price you pay for commercial cleaning services in New York depends on the type of cleaning service you use. These flat rate quotes generally include a “maximum number of hours that they are willing to work for that flat rate.” For example, when you hire an accredited cleaning service like Slate NYC, costs such as paying for insurance, background checks and customer service are also included in the prices. The reason flexibility is so important when hiring a cleaner directly is because, if you cancel due to illness or are on vacation, they may not have a backup cleaner queuing up to do the cleaning for you. In general, hiring a cleaner directly is a great option if you have time to examine and manage the cleaners yourself and your cleaning needs are simple. Although one of the main disadvantages of hiring a cleaning company is that, instead of having a cleaner, many companies send a rotating cast of strangers.

Slate NYC is different.

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